Durability with "Long-Life" service

Because a Maison Eric Bompard cashmere knit is a timeless garment that will last for generations, Eric Bompard is delighted to present its new "Long Life of Cashmere" service – a socially responsible and committed initiative that has entered a new crucial phase in our drive to take action for fashion that is more sustainable, inclusive and eco-friendly.


Repair Service

Repair Service

In 2002, Eric Bompard opened a workshop in Paris for its customers. Like magicians, the experts at our workshop will take care of each damaged Eric Bompard pullover or accessory and repair the stitches ply by ply, using their unique expertise. Our repair workshop not only gives your Eric Bompard garments a new lease of life, it also helps limit the environmental impact of manufacturing them.

Laundry Service

Laundry Service

Cashmere is a material that just loves water. That's why a cashmere pullover should be washed regularly, after it has been worn two or three times. Cashmere needs water to keep it soft and supple, and to avoid pilling. To make your Eric Bompard cashmere even more beautiful, you can take advantage of our specialist knitwear laundry service.



As part of our commitment to the preservation of the environment, Eric Bompard is now offering the option of returning your old Eric Bompard pullover in exchange for a voucher. This joint initiative is part of a partnership with Les Résilientes x Emmaüs Alternatives a professional reintegration workshop. The pullovers handed in will be transformed and used to create "RE-CRÉATIONS", a collection of objects that will be sold in selected Eric Bompard shops.

Hole : up to 5 holes per pullovers (10€/hole) —— A pulled thread (between 15€ et 50€) —— Replacement accessories : zip, button... (Free) —— Elbow pads fitting (40€) —— Demeshing pullover bought < 2 years (Free) —— Demeshing pullover bought > 2 years (between 15€ et 50€)

Removing pullover pills (5€) —— Washing (10€)

The Re-Création project is part of an innovative Up-Cycling initiative. Its essence lies in the recovery of old sweaters brought in by our customers. These items will be entrusted to Emmaus, a renowned institution for its social reintegration mission, which will give them a second life.

For each returned sweater, a £30* voucher will be issued to you. Each voucher is valid for 6 months, for one-time use only, and limited to one voucher per purchased item.

*The voucher will not be applicable to maintenance products and the Résilientes capsule.

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