How do you care for your cashmere?

Following the precautions detailed in this guide will help you preserve the softness, suppleness, and shape of your Eric Bompard cashmere garment. Discover the right way to care for your cashmere pullover in addition to washing.

How do you care for your cashmere?

How do you dry a cashmere pullover?

Unlike other materials which can be spun at 500 rpm cashmere prefers to remain saturated with water when it comes out of the washing machine or after a hand wash. Drying therefore begins with a very wet garment:

  • After the gentle spin recommended in our cashmere washing tips, dry by laying your pullover flat on a cotton towel in a well ventilated room. Depending on the room temperature, your pullover will dry in a few hours.
  • For the best care: never expose your cashmere pullover to a source of heat (radiator or towel dryer): your garment could shrink. Finally, do not tumble dry your cashmere garment.
  • After careful washing and drying, the knit of your cashmere garment may feel tighter. It will return to its original shape and suppleness as soon as you put it on.
How do you dry a cashmere pullover?

Should you iron a cashmere pullover?

Cashmere fibres are naturally soft, so you can wear your pullover immediately after drying and there is no need to iron it.

However, cashmere can perfectly well be ironed: turn your garment inside out, use the "soft" setting and the steam jet.

Gently iron the knit without tugging on it.

Should you iron a cashmere pullover?

Should a cashmere pullover be combed?

Although your Bompard cashmere knitwear is of exceptional quality, it may occasionally become pilled, for example from rubbing against a bag.

These clumps of material can be removed very simply by using a cashmere comb passed carefully along the direction of the fibre.

Avoid tugging on the pilling or pressing too hard on your garment to avoid damaging the fibres.

For the best results, take care of the cashmere with a special comb. If you do not have a cashmere comb, you could use a special knitwear razor, passing it, always lightly in the direction of the knit, over areas that are pilled.

To avoid pilling, keep sources of friction to a minimum, such as zippers, backpack straps or handbag handles. Some men may notice pilling on the collar as a result of rubbing their beard...

How do you store a cashmere sweater?

A cashmere garment should be stored folded flat, wherever possible. Hanging it up could cause it to become misshapen.

Like all wools cashmere can attract certain insect pests, particularly moths. To repel them, place an impregnated cedar ball or lavender sachet on your garments.

If you are not wearing a cashmere pullover for an extended period of time, consider storing it in an airtight cover out of the sun.

With this complete care guide, your cashmere is in good hands.

How do you store a cashmere sweater?

What do you do if your cashmere is damaged?

Maison Eric Bompard garments are designed to last you for many years. And indeed, thanks to a quality of fibre and exceptional knitting expertise, to transcend generations.

And it is to help you preserve and pass on your finest cashmere pieces that we offer the "Long Life Cashmere" service. A committed, responsible and supportive approach that not only gives a new life to your favourite pullover, but also works towards sustainable, inclusive and environmentally friendly fashion.

To find out more about our cashmere repair and recycling service, click here.

What do you do if your cashmere is damaged?

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