Sustainable cashmere: a committed creator since 1985

Since it was founded, in 1985, Maison Eric Bompard has committed itself to the creation of eco-responsible knits. Fibres processed with the utmost respect, a major social commitment to its partners: the brand’s ethics are present both in its creations and in the everyday work of its employees. Four decades ago, this was a pioneering approach. We reinforce it through our commitment to the ever-more virtuous manufacturing of cashmere clothing.

Sustainable cashmere: a committed creator since 1985

Pure and durable lines

A turtleneck pullover, a fitted cardigan, a polo shirt, an ultra-thin crew neck... These iconic Bompard garments make our DNA, that guarantees a timeless elegance in perfect harmony with the superiority of the material. Eric Bompard is the creator of the ultrafine, real second skin pullovers in 100% cashmere or blends with cotton and silk. The ultrafine is the very expression of our know-how. Its shaping is long and delicate: the material is carded, ironed, combed and then knitted very slowly and meticulously for a magnificent result that combines softness, finesse and density. A real technical feat.


The traceability of our collections

Each Bompard garment comes from the hair of the Capra Hisca goat, which lives on the high plateaus of Inner Mongolia. It is there, in its natural habitat, that qualified breeders comb it, caring for its well-being. The fibre is collected and processed there, then transformed without waste by our partner workshops. By favouring short circuit production, we are helping to preserve a whole way of life and ancestral know-how.


A pioneering approach

As proof of its commitment, Eric Bompard has always worked exclusively with partners who have achieved the following certifications:


The standard ensures the welfare of the cashmere goats, protects the environment and improves the working conditions of the farm workers. Independent audits are in place to guarantee the reliability of the standard. The standard was developed in close cooperation with animal welfare specialists and industry experts.

If you would like to find out all there is to know about cashmere and find out which type of cashmere you should choose for your wardrobe, please read our 100% cashmere guide.


In autumn 2020, Maison Éric Bompard became the first French ready-to-wear company to market products certified MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX. This label guarantees that its creations are made from materials that are not harmful to health in factories that are environmentally friendly and in socially responsible working conditions.


Obviously, fashion must under no circumstances take precedence over health, almost 94% of Eric Bompard textiles are certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This label guarantees the absence of substances that may harm or irritate the skin, such as azo dyes, formaldehyde, cadmium, nickel and many other chemical products.

Supporting local industry and the preservation of traditional lifestyles

Supporting local industry and the preservation of traditional lifestyles

All our Bompard sustainable cashmere pullovers are designed in France and are manufactured locally, in Inner Mongolia.

The material is collected and transformed at-source, where the goats are reared. This ultra-short circuit has contributed to the preservation of breeders and to supporting local industry for 40 years.

A sourcing policy promoting responsible cashmere fibre

A sourcing policy promoting responsible cashmere fibre

Like us, our suppliers make a true commitment to this eco-responsible approach. Audits ensure compliance with requirements, including as regards the STeP by OEKO-TEX label.

This guarantees that our cashmere clothing and accessories are manufactured using sustainable processes, in socially responsible conditions.

Our collaboration with The Good Cashmere Standard AbTF

Our collaboration with The Good Cashmere Standard AbTF

We have started to collaborate with the label “The Good Cashmere Standard” to provide tangible proof of how we support sustainable cashmere production:

- Animals are treated responsibly and with respect: animal wellbeing is one of our priorities;

- The working conditions of farmers and factory workers undergo constant improvements;

- Preserving the environment is a constant preoccupation within our manufacturing process.

About 30% of our latest collections hold a The Good Cashmere Standard AbTF label.

Concrete actions : the "Long Life" service

Because our cashemere is made to last forever, timeless pieces intended to be passed on through generations, Eric Bompard has been a pioneer of sustainability since its creation. To reaffirm these commitments, in February 2022 we launched “Long Life”, a unique repair and cleaning service for your old Bompard pullovers, available in all our stores. Once appraised, the knits are sent to our workshop in Paris, which works to give them a new life.


Our other commitments

Maison Eric Bompard would like to take further steps still to reduce the environmental impact of the clothing it produces. In parallel, we seek to optimise our social impact, in particular the impact on our employees and partners.

While our sustainable cashmere clothing is designed in France, it is mostly manufactured where this wonderful cashmere wool is produced, i.e. in Inner Mongolia.

Meanwhile, we have made a social commitment in France, by taking concrete action, such building our partnership with “Les Résilientes x Emmaüs Alternatives”. This French design and production workshop recycles used cashmere pullovers which we regularly collect. We therefore promote upcycling and the circular economy.

The Résilientes workshop welcomes around ten people undergoing professional reintegration. The workshop activities allow them to learn new skills to better reintegrate into the workforce.

Already, this partnership has allowed for collections of unique items to be created using cashmere fibres which were collected and reprocessed. Items sold for the benefit of Emmaüs, at a selection of Eric Bompard stores.

Most of our packaging is made from recycled, certified, or recyclable materials. In our Paris offices, we use second-hand furniture. Each added item is made of wood or natural paper and can be recycled.

Maison Eric Bompard thinks in the long term. Beyond our slogan, the long life of both cashmere and the industry which produces it is our pursuit.

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