Bompard x JonOne

Maison Bompard continues its collaboration with the contemporary art world and presents a new artistic capsule collection inspired by colour and movement.


JonOne, an “abstract expressionist graffiti painter”

JonOne, also known as JON156, is an artist from Harlem (New York) who discovered graffiti during his youth by tagging the walls and subway stations of his beloved city, then moved to Paris in the late 1980s.

 A master of lyrical abstraction, his work includes a sense of freedom, tolerance and generosity.

A joyful creativity along with an acute awareness of climate issues. The convictions expressed in his brightly-coloured pieces have gained him international acclaim. France, his adopted country, awarded him the Legion of Honour in 2015. 



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Where graffiti meets cashmere

While designing this collection, inspired by the way JonOne dresses, Carolyn Randolfi, Director of Design at Maison Bompard, decided not to separate the artist from his work.

Instead, she chose to combine JonOne’s fashion style with his painting when creating the pieces for this striking collection. 

His work uniform becomes a luxurious, arty wardrobe featuring t-shirts, pullovers, hats, scarves, bandanas, sleeveless jackets and sweatpants, all covered in paint splatter. 

"We both wanted to work from my silhouette, which is part of my paintings, the décor and my studio, which is full of paint."

JonOne, street art Artist


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