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Mindful of the major issues related to cashmere and, more generally, to the textile industry, Maison Eric Bompard is committed to becoming one of the main players in the field of eco-responsible knitwear, adopting a “slow fashion” approach.

Bompard ethics of style

Our cashmere from the high Mongolian plateau

Bompard pullovers are designed in France and manufactured locally in Inner Mongolia. There, the goats are raised in ideal climatic conditions that match the environment in their homeland and guarantee an unrivalled quality of the fibres and their fleece.

The material is therefore gathered and processed directly at its source. The Maison partners with the network of breeders and the factory, allowing for complete traceability of the material. The short production circuit helps to preserve the livelihood of farmers and to support the local industry. A knitting technique with no excess material, which is then assembled. Nothing gets thrown away.

A pioneering approach

Since its creation in 1985, and long before it became the norm, Maison Bompard has adopted a pioneering approach: it uses only the finest-quality cashmere (grade ‘A’), which comes from goats that are carefully treated, respectfully combed, and raised in their natural habitat, to knit and weave your favourite products. Our fibres, the length of our ply, the thickness of our knitting, the finishes – all the stages are subject to meticulous and uncompromising care.

We also offer the best know-how from our different manufacturers throughout our collections: intarsias, prints, Jacquards, twists, embroideries, brushed cashmere… Because it is the cornerstone of our company and also of your satisfaction.

Our social and environmental commitment: our certifications

As proof of its commitment, Eric Bompard has always worked exclusively with partners who have achieved the following certifications:

RWS (RESPONSIBLE WOOL STANDARD®) is part of Global Compact.The company ensures that its suppliers are committed by signing an animal welfare charter and a code of ethical and environmental conduct. Respect for human rights, elimination of forced labour and exploitation of workers, refusal of child labour, abolition of discrimination and corruption, health and safety at all stages of production. There are many possible risks and our demands are uncompromising.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100: Obviously, fashion must under no circumstances take precedence over health, almost 94% of Eric Bompard textiles are certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This label guarantees the absence of substances that may harm or irritate the skin, such as azo dyes, formaldehyde, cadmium, nickel and many other chemical products.

OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN: This label guarantees that its creations are made from materials that are not harmful to health in factories that are environmentally friendly and in socially responsible working conditions.

THE GOOD CACHEMIRE STANDARD® (GCS)®: The standard ensures the welfare of the cashmere goats, protects the environment and improves the working conditions of the farm workers. Independent audits are in place to guarantee the reliability of the standard. The standard was developed in close cooperation with animal welfare specialists and industry experts.

Lasting quality and a commitment towards social responsibility

Long Life of Cashmere

Because a Maison Eric Bompard cashmere knit is a timeless garment that will last for generations, Eric Bompard is delighted to present its new "Long Life of Cashmere" service. A socially responsible and committed initiative that has entered a new crucial phase in our drive to take action for fashion that is more sustainable, inclusive and eco-friendly.

By 2025

Limiting our environmental impact is a priority for Maison Bompard. Every time we make a decision, we strive to take environmental criteria into account as much as possible. By 2025, we aim to have 100% of our production certified and traceable. We are committed to publishing the mapping of our supply chain. And by then, we have decided to reduce our carbon footprint by favouring transport by boat rather than by air. We have also initiated a Made in France production process and are involved in social reintegration through our partnership with Les Résilientes x Emmaüs Alternatives to promote upcycling and the circular economy. A charter for our packaging has been drawn up. When we renovate our shops, we reuse the existing furniture. The added elements are natural and we use recyclable wood and paper decorations. At our headquarters, our offices are equipped with second-hand furniture. We are also gradually reducing our use of plastic. Because, at Eric Bompard, we have a sense of time. The long life of cashmere is more than a slogan for us, it is a watchword.

Sustainable & Quality cashmere

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified

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