How to wash your cashmere?

Natural, rare, and precious, cashmere fibre is nevertheless very easy to care for. Of course, a few precautions must be taken to preserve the softness and suppleness of your cashmere pullover as it is washed over time.

How to wash your cashmere?

What you need to know about washing cashmere

Did you know that cashmere loves water? The more it is washed, the softer it becomes. And therefore, the more pleasurable it is to wear.

Most new cashmere pullovers need several washes to release the excess material used at the time of manufacture.

Maison Eric Bompard creations do not have this disadvantage. Our workshops use the technique of "decrease knitting" which involves knitting and assembling the pullover (or any other cashmere garment) directly on a machine to the exact shape required. Without the need to use superfluous material.

However, very regular washing is necessary to avoid pilling and to maintain the moisture content of the fibre.

So, how often can you wash cashmere? Our tip: wash your cashmere pullovers about every third time you wear them.

What you need to know about washing cashmere

Machine washing cashmere

Your washing machine is your best ally in caring for your Bompard cashmere pullover. Because we only use grade A cashmere, the finest and longest fibre, which is also the softest and most supple, our creations do not become distorted when they are machine washed.


  • Place your cashmere garment inside out in the drum;
  • If it has zips or buttons, slip it into a laundry net with to protect your garments from rubbing;
  • Select the "wool" programme to wash your cashmere at a cold temperature (water temperature of 20°C maximum);
  • Check that the spin cycle does not exceed 400 rpm; - Use a small amount of special wool detergent or special cashmere shampoo (2 teaspoons).


  • Using a fabric softener product: it may make your cashmere felted or lose its softness.
  • Putting too much detergent in the machine: risks damaging the fibres of your cashmere garment.
  • Filling your drum with laundry: if they are packed in the machine, your cashmere garments will not come out as clean.

To find out more about drying, ironing and storing your cashmere, please read our article "How do you care for your cashmere?".

Hand washing

While machine washing is highly recommended it is perfectly possible to wash your cashmere garments by hand. Here is how to hand clean your cashmere:

  • Wash your cashmere in cold water (not more than 20°);
  • Use a small amount of special wool detergent or special cashmere shampoo;
  • Do not use fabric softener which will alter the natural softness of the cashmere wool;
  • Dip your pullover in cold water for a few moments only: do not soak your cashmere in water, as this could damage the knitwear;
  • Pat the pullover in the water then rinse it in clean water until all traces of detergent have disappeared;
  • Spin your garment very gently by folding it and pressing it lightly, without twisting it;
  • Lay your garment out flat on a terry towel. Roll the towel to absorb excess water.
  • Finally, lay your pullover flat on a cotton towel.
Hand washing
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Is dry cleaning recommended?

Dry-cleaning cashmere garments is generally not recommended.

Cashmere needs water and should be cleaned by machine or by hand.

However, we recommend dry-cleaning for certain pieces, especially coats.

Is dry cleaning recommended?

Tips for removing stains

It is perfectly possible to remove a stain from a cashmere garment. To learn how to clean cashmere follow the guide, depending on the nature of the stain

  • To remove a tea, coffee or chocolate stain from a cashmere pullover, dampen the stained area very lightly, then rub gently with Marseille soap. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse.
  • To remove perspiration stains from underarms, for example, dab the stained area with a sponge soaked in warm water mixed with white vinegar (one tablespoon of vinegar to half a litre of water), then rinse with clean water.
  • To remove a wine or make-up stain, use white vinegar (following the same procedure as for perspiration stains). Complete with soapy water (using Marseille soap) and rinse with clean water.
  • To remove an ink stain from cashmere, immediately soak up the ink on the surface with absorbent paper and then dab the stained area with cotton wool soaked in 70° alcohol. Repeat the above procedure if necessary, then rinse with clean water.

Our Long Life Cashmere service is available to remove the most stubborn stains or signs of wear.

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