Eric on the cashmere road

How did Eric Bompard become a pioneer in cashmere?
It comes from unrivalled curiosity and a passion for excellence, driven by a fierce pioneering spirit. Our story began in 1985.

The illustrator Jean-Michel Tixier humorously describes Eric Bompard’s dream, starting with a trip to inner Mongolia and ending with an obsession with a long, unique cashmere ply and his encounter with the capra hisca goat.

Eric dreams of a thread

Éric Bompard falls for the Capra Hisca goat! The most beautiful, the most flirtatious, with light, evanescent down collected at the end of winter. The goat that produces the divine yarn that captivated Éric Bompard over thirty years ago.  

Eric, cashmere inhabited

A second skin, with a design that's always essential but never neutral, it reveals a style as much as a person. A true home for the body.

Illustrations: Jean-Michel Tixier


Sustainable & Quality cashmere

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