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Our commitments

Maison Bompard is mindful of the major issues relating to cashmere and, more generally, to the textile industry, and is committed to becoming one of the key stakeholders in eco-responsible knit.. 

1- Our cashmere from the high Mongolian plateau

If cashmere can be found in many countries around the world, it is in the region of Inner Mongolia that it presents the most beautiful quality and that we will seek it.
Why so? This is quite simply because the goats are raised there in ideal climactic conditions that match the environment in their homeland, and because it guarantees an unrivalled quality of the fibres and their fleece. The design and conception of our products are made in our workshops in France. this decision allows Eric Bompard to contribute to the preservation of the breeders' way of life and to support the local industry.

Moreover, this choice to centralize in one region all the manufacturing steps limits the number of kilometers traveled by your sweater. We have been operating in this way for 37 years, to the great satisfaction of our customers. 

3- Our Eric Bompard quality standard

Maison Eric Bompard has stood out for more than 30 years with its high quality standards. Our fibres, the length of our ply, the thickness of our knitting, the finishes – all the stages are subject to a meticulous and uncompromising care. We also offer the best know-how of our different manufacturers throughout our collections: intarsias, prints, Jacquards, twists, embroideries, brushed cashmere... Finally, to unite our standards, we are currently creating the Bompard Cashmere Standard. Because it is the cornerstone of our company and also of your satisfaction.

4- Our textiles, your health

Obviously, fashion must under no circumstances take precedence over health, almost 90% of Eric Bompard textiles are certified OEKO-TEX® 100. This label is the first textile label to guarantee that no harmful or irritating substances for the skin are present, meaning the absence of azo dyes, formaldehyde, cadmium, nickel and many other chemicals.  

4- Our social and environmental commitment 

Today, social ethics are more than ever at the heart of the company's commitments - as formalized in our Eric Bompard Code of Ethical and Environmental Conduct. Respect for human rights, elimination of forced labor and exploitation of workers, refusal of child labor, abolition of discrimination and corruption, health and safety at all stages of production. The possible risks are multiple and our requirements without concession.

Eric Bompard is the second French ready-to-wear company to receive the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label.

This label is the result of a relationship of trust and transparency with our main cashmere supplier in Inner Mongolia, which is certified SteP by OEKO-TEX®.

Being "MADE IN GREEN" is for you the assurance that our sweaters are made without materials that are harmful to health, in factories that respect the environment and socially responsible working conditions.

This label also ensures a better traceability for the consumer thanks to a unique reference in the form of an identification number. The latter allows you to have access to the composition of the raw materials used and the detailed manufacturing process. It offers you complete transparency on the production chain.

64% of our Spring-Summer 2021 collection is MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certified and it will reach 92% for the Fall-Winter 2021 collection.

To reduce our environmental impact, we have committed to gradually but sustainably reduce our use of plastic and promote the principle of eco-design of our packaging.

Because our sweaters accompany you in all daily situations, they can sometimes be abused... so we are concerned about promoting their longevity. For more than 20 years, Eric Bompard has been offering a repair service so that your sweater will keep its splendor for many years!

Finally, for several years, Eric Bompard has been collaborating with several charities to help the most disadvantaged. In 2020, more than 11.000 pieces were donated by the company.