The Cashmere Family

United by the precious bounds woven by cashmere, the Cashmere Family is a welcoming family that does not share blood but both spirit and a style. Meet its members and let their wardrobe and creativity seduce you. 



Alice is a horse whisperer. Behind her angel face hides a free spirit keen on voguying.

Londoner by adoption, Anna patronizes undergroud clubs and has a rebellious sense of fashion. She has a perpetually questioning mind and plays the harp in her spare time.


As her name does not indicate, she is a rose lover. Between two cuttings, she assiduously practices yoga and believes in the power of stones.

Their wardrobe


The playlists of this architecture student in Lausanne and outstanding dancer make the family swing. He is passionate about bonsai trees and butterflies.


Talented pyschoanalyst, this former cross-country skiing champion loves to roam the wilderness on her own and collects one-night stands.

Their wardrobe


Michel is a former general practitioner. Literature and horseback riding enthousiast, he loves to cook for his tribe. His favorite recipe? Baked Alaska flambed with a blowlamp. 

When he is not busy covering the Clash on his harpsichord, hyperactive Max has fun sending cover letters to the French Academy.


For this colorblind botanist, colors are way of life. Passionate about ball-trap, he practices it exclusively with Limoges porcelain.

Their wardrobe


Edgar is a French bulldog that likes to sit warmly by the fire to philosophize or talk about his passion: horse racing.

As a true romantic, Loupi is always up for relaxing to the hushed sound of jazz (Hard Bop period only).

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