The Cashmere Family

United by the precious bounds woven by cashmere, the Cashmere Family is a welcoming family that does not share blood but both spirit and a style. Meet its members and let their wardrobe and creativity seduce you. 


Madeleine is a fan of crochet and embroidery. This romantic girl is also a seasoned surf champion. She is a law student and she loves travelling in the wilderness and knows Brittany as well as Patagonia. 

As a medical student, Sophie is also interested in naturel therapies and wants to set up as a general practitioner in a village in the Périgord because she is a fan of truffles and parietal art. She was a junior figure skating champion and still has a taste for glitter. 

Madeleine & Sophie's wardrobe



Gloria is an astrophysicist of international stature, a passionate cruciverbialist with a good sense of humour and a recognized champion of Cuban salsa. Feminist with a natural elegance, she has always been a role modele for the young girls in the family. 

Hortense loves roses from her garden, Scrabble and good wine. Having fallen into alternative medicine, she also believes in the power of stones. Always of great elegance and a little bit whimsical, she never goes out without being made up and perfectly coiffed. 

Hortense & Gloria's wardrobe


Experimental filmmaker and shell collector, Pierre-Antoine is the eldest son of Hortense born from a first marriage with an American engineer. Holidays are for him the opportunity to experiment with new recipes for explosive cocktails, to try his hand at body surfing and above all to reread Dostoievsky's complete works in Russian. 

Pierre-Antoine's wardrobe


Alexis is a classical guitarist specialized in Villa-Lobos and a big fan of Pink Floyd. Slightly stuttering, it is however him who makes the family sing and brings the groove to summer evenings. Since he was a child, he has been passionate about volcanoes and never goes anywhere without Eugène, his turtle. 

Gaspard is Alexis' best friend. Of a reserved nature, this handsome athletic boy writes poetry and dreams of being one day published. He has a soft spot for turtles and it was him who gave Eugène to Alexis. Rose has a passion for him and dreams of marrying him. 

Alexis and Gaspard's wardrobe


Princess tomboy fan of K-pop, Rose's real passion remains David Bowie to whom she devotes a secret cult. She's the family mascot and dreams of become a veterinarian specialized in wild animals. She is a great romantic, she would love to marry Gaspard but thinks marriage is old-fashioned. 

Rose's wardrobe


Pompom is the life companion of the whole family. A convinced epicurean, he particularly enjoys wading in the water and has an unsuspected sense of rhythm when Alexis plays guitar.

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