The “Long Life Cashmere” repair and recycling service for your Bompard cashmere

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Maison Eric Bompard’s commitment. Our perfect pullovers have stood the test of time. Timeless, and of exceptional quality, they can be passed on from generation to generation.

Your favourite cashmere garments are a testament to your daily life and can be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. As a sign of our sincere commitment to environmentally sustainable fashion, Maison Bompard's "Long Life Cashmere" service gives your pullovers, cardigans and coats a new lease of life.

Find out how to give new life to your Eric Bompard cashmere

The “Long Life Cashmere” repair and recycling service for your Bompard cashmere

Recycling of your cashmere

If your pullover is too damaged to be repaired, you can give it a second life in an environmentally friendly way. Maison Eric Bompard is proud to offer you a cashmere recycling service designed to promote the circular economy and contribute to integration. We are proud to be a partner of "Résilientes x Emmaüs Alternatives", a design office for upcycling objects donated to the Emmaüs association.

So, when a cashmere pullover is felted or particularly worn, we suggest that you donate it to us in exchange for a voucher worth 30 euros. Our cashmere sweater recycling service will make good use of it.

The collected garments are taken to a specialist factory where they are defibred to produce virgin recycled wool which is mixed with corn fibre to produce new environmentally friendly material.

This raw material is passed on to the "Les résilientes x Emmaüs Alternatives" workshops, which use it to make decorative pieces that are both unique and durable, and sold in certain Eric Bompard boutiques in aid of Emmaüs.

Recycling of your cashmere
"This noble material that we cherish is proving to be an equally respectful and enriching meeting ground from a social and cultural point of view"

Barbara Werschine, Managing Director of Eric Bompard

They talk about it...

Barbara Werschine, Managing Director of Eric Bompard:

"Les Résilientes x Emmaüs Alternatives” has the great strength of revaluing beauty, taking things further to create from what seemed lost, while promoting originality, the clever use of hands and savoir-faire. This is an opportunity for our Maison to explore these new territories and uses of cashmere. This noble material that we cherish is proving to be an equally respectful and enriching meeting ground from a social and cultural point of view".

Géraldine Tubery and Maxence de Larocque, workshop leader and designer at Les Résilientes:

"We worked hand in hand with the Eric Bompard teams. Cashmere is new territory that we are keen to explore. Thanks to this silky material, and the rich colour scheme of Maison Eric Bompard, we opened a new window on creativity, always with our mission in mind: the return to self-confidence of people in disadvantaged positions..."

The Pressing service

Sometimes washing a cashmere pullover at home is not enough to remove the most deeply embedded stains. Professional stain removal, with the utmost respect for this precious material, can be undertaken by our dedicated cashmere dry cleaning service.

Your cashmeres can also pass through the hands of our debottlenecking experts who will return your favourite pullover as soft and silky as it was on the first day you bought it.

The Pressing service

The Cashmere Repair service

Our cashmere alteration and reknitting workshop give your Eric Bompard pullovers a new lease of life. Not only do you ensure the longevity of your cashmere, but you also make an ecological gesture by limiting the environmental impact of production.

In our Parisian workshop, our technicians, experts in repairing, retouching, reknitting, and reworking, take care of your cashmere pullover to return it to you in perfect condition.

Holes, snags, pulled plies, replacement of buttons or zippers, fitting of elbow patches or unravelling of pullovers: our unique expertise ensures that your damaged knitwear is optimally repaired.

Because it has a long-term vision, Maison Eric Bompard takes particular care to guarantee a long life for this exceptional cashmere and its entire production chain.

The Cashmere Repair service

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