The Cashmere Family

United by the precious bounds woven by cashmere, the Cashmere Family is a welcoming family that does not share blood but both spirit and a style. Meet its members and let their wardrobe and creativity seduce you. 


Hortense loves the fresh air of mountain pastures and has long been hurtling down the slopes with rare elegance. While these days she prefers snowboots and raclettes, she will not refrain from a blue slope from time to time and still wears her medals as trinkets. She takes advantage of her mountain stays to search for new stones to add to her already extensive crystal collection.

While she may come across as a romantic young lady, in truth Alma has a fiery disposition. A specialist in both Elizabethan theatre (she will be defending her thesis on Shakespeare and the flesh at the end of the year) and microeconomics, she likes to build huts in hostile environments and is a talented embroiderer. Crazy about shoes, she is an avid collector, with a particular fondness for 70s Mexican boots. She is a sleepwalker and loves every shade of blue.

Hortense & Alma's wardrobe


Camille is a former curator of the Louvre Museum, she left Paris several years ago. She loves pancakes, which she makes non-stop, and now designs children’s books in Brittany where she also restores old paintings. She invents complex spoonerisms which she posts on Instagram, although her followers fail to understand her wordplay. She’s a seasoned marathon runner and an outstanding, incredibly elegant rider who prefers riding boots to polished court shoes.

Cléo, a chemistry student, is already designing unique fragrances for each member of her family. She is a nose in the making whose ambition is to create the pioneering fragrances of tomorrow, which will be organic and ethical. A skilled pianist and specialist in concrete music, Cléo is also a lover of birds and she records them endlessly. As for plants, she sniffs them voraciously. She has no known lovers.

Camille and Cleo's wardrobe


Impish by nature, Eglantine is a princess and a tomboy rolled into one. She plays the saxophone seriously and in any context. She dreams of becoming a singer. She likes animals and her cousin Joseph with whom she writes abstract poems. She speaks English fluently and is learning Japanese on her own.

Eglantine's wardrobe


Arnaud is a scriptwriter for television series, he draws inspiration from the imagination of his own family to invent winning stories. A great adventurer and accomplished sportsman, he takes advantage of his holidays to relax and unwind by organising hikes that are sometimes a bit risky, since he has an unreliable sense of direction. He loves gospel music and belongs to a choir which performs covers of American soul music.

Joseph is a former fine arts student, this athletic young man is a born performer and fan of Yoko Ono, Inuit culture and shamanism. He gets on famously with Hortense, and they spend a lot of time discussing esotericism and hairstyles (he takes great care of his curls). He likes board games but is a very bad loser, and he often reenacts scenes from Lubitsch’s comedies. He likes ascot ties, signet rings and pocket watches.

Arnaud and Joseph's wardrobe