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For a summer with Bompard

This summer, Bompard sails off for a seaside journey

Bompard's refined style is paired with La Serviette Paris' exceptional craftsmanship to create its first beach towel, inspired by a signature print from the Spring-Summer 2023 collection.

To give its stylistic imprint to the towel, the brand chose the elegance of the Marine print. Its mix of rounded and geometric shapes explores the possibilities of combed cotton, giving it a avant-garde look.

The influencer Philippine Celaries, aka Philou Celaries, poses with this summer essential, the result of an unexpected and surprising collaboration.

This shared taste for innovation, beauty, and excellence is reflected in this Bompard x La Serviette Paris double-faced beach towel, for the chicest of summers.

« As with Bompard, the material is the starting point for creation at La Serviette Paris. Sponge is a living material which, after being combed and woven, lends itself to infinite possibilities. The collaboration with Bompard once again pushes the boundaries of material to create a product that aspires to be a true fashion accessory », says Simon Thisse, co-founder of La Serviette Paris.