Eric Bompard x Orient Express

Eric Bompard and Orient Express share a common heritage.
Two houses born from a maiden voyage between the West and the East, united by the same affinity for savoir-faire, style and elegance. They now join forces for a new sensational travel collaboration: the exclusive Cashmere Express collection.
The 10-piece capsule collection was designed for complete comfort and made to be worn at home, aboard a train, or on the other side of the world.

From West to East


The ambitious Georges Nagelmackers, founder of the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits, launched the world’s most luxurious train: the Orient Express.

The adventurer and entrepreneur imagined a rolling palace, beautifully decorated by talented craftsmen, that was used by queens and kings, philosophers, dancers, writers, artists and spies. The Orient Express linked Paris to Constantinople in less than 76 hours, passing through Munich, Vienna, Sofia and Bucharest. This encounter between West and East redefined the world of travel.


An entrepreneur at heart, Eric Bompard, took his first trip to Inner Mongolia. This adventure led him to the origins of cashmere and helped him to master this incomparable fabric to become an expert in such a rare and sublime material.

Eric Bompard was born from this quest for perfection, driven by the desire to build and perpetuate a philosophy of style from the quality of the material to timeless cuts and the art of color. With this same unrivalled savoir-faire, the Parisian design studio continues to design a new wardrobe each season, combining discreet elegance and comfort.

Cashmere Express, fashion on the move

The collection Eric Bompard x Orient Express imagines the ideal travel outfit. A capsule collection composed of cashmere essentials, dressing you in comfort and elegance for any trip.

"This is an exceptional loungewear capsule collection, where no detail has been left to chance. From the loose and elegant cuts, to the pieces adorned with Orient Express’ signature initials, to the choice of colors, this clothing is the epitome of comfort and absolute beauty."
- Carolyn Randolfi, Creative Director of Eric Bompard.

"Faithful to its original codes and symbols, the Cashmere Express collection reflects the art of living in Orient Express’ signature style. The pieces share the colors of the legendary train, inspired by our savoir-faire and designed to enhance the travel experience."
- Guillaume de Saint Lager, Vice President of Orient Express.

Dancing with a train: the movie

Dancing with a train is about the love of movement. The expression of a style that celebrates the freedom of movement at the crossroads between luxury and absolute comfort.

A mysterious and magnetic encounter between body and machine. A love shared by Eric Bompard and Orient Express. And embodied by dancer Charlotte Siepiora.

Through the lens of Berlin photographer Lucas Christiansen, with an aesthetically-pleasing approach to documenting fashion, Charlotte Siepiora unveils the Cashmere Express collection. It is an ode to travel and a hymn to freedom, filmed by director Nathan Pessin, under the direction of Myrtille Moniot.

This is the story of a cashmere dream aboard the legendary Orient Express.

Eric Bompard x Orient Express | Collection