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Bompard Loves Pantone

For Valentine's Day, Eric Bompard and the Pantone Institute are declaring their shared love of colour with a capsule offer consisting of two pairs of cashmere socks in an unexpected shade colour with a capsule offer consisting of two pairs of cashmere socks in an unexpected colour scheme. An ideal gift for your partner, the socks match and respond to each other like a perfect duo.

Chosen by la maison Eric Bompard and Pantone, the colours Candy Pop pink and Zurich green express in unison their vitality and complementarity. Colours of the Bompard colour chart with a pouch, their combination brings singularity and attracts the eye.

First, Candy Pop pink, a rich and intense pink, capable of expressing both maximalism and vitality. A vibrant tone that exudes confidence, glamour glamour and a healthy dose of seduction. Deeply theatrical, Candy Pop pink is a shade with a strong shade with a strong personality.

« Our design office is one of the few capable of creating so many shades and and colours. Our exceptional colour range includes almost 2000 references, thanks in particular to the colouring process colouring process, which allows us to obtain rich and dense colours », explains Carolyn Randolfi, Creative Director of Eric Bompard.

Then Vert Zurich, a colour synonymous with optimism and prosperity. Essential and rooted in nature, it reassures with its restful and and soothing qualities.

About Pantone and the Pantone Colour Institute

Founded in 1963 in the United States, Pantone is the world's leading colour specialist, providing a universal colour language, enabling the identification of 1000 references and is a benchmark in the fashion and the fashion and design sector. Pantone highlights the seasonal the seasonal colours of fashion shows, selects the selects the Pantone colour of the year, forecasts global colour trends and advises and advises international brands on their visual visual identity, helping them to effectively harness the power, psychology and emotion of colour of colour in their design strategy.