This section deals with our Privacy Protection Policy. It provides information on the origin and use of browsing data processed when you access our website This section also provides information on your rights. Therefore, this Policy is important for you if you want to have a positive and safe experience with our offers and services. It is also important for us so that we can clearly and completely answer your questions on how we use your browsing data.

We sometimes purchase advertising space directly or via our service providers (digital agencies) in order to promote our activities and offers on third-party sites or applications through advertising content (text, graphics, animation, videos, etc.) published by these sites or applications.

When you visit our site and display our advertising content, browsing data about your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be saved in cookies, files that are installed on your device, based on your cookies settings that you may change at any time.

What are cookies for?

When you connect to our site, we may install various cookies on your device (if permitted by your settings) that allow us to recognise your device during the cookie's entire validity period. Only the site issuing the cookie can read and modify its content. It cannot contain any viruses. The cookie's validity period cannot exceed 13 months.

The cookies we issue:

We issue cookies for the purposes described below, based on your browser settings which are checked when you visit our site:

- to establish visitor statistics and volumes and use of the various elements on the site (sections and content visited, paths followed, etc.), which help us make our services more interesting and user friendly

- to adapt our site's presentation to your device's display preferences (language, resolution, operating system, etc.) when you visit our site, based on your device's display hardware and software

- to record data entered in forms on our site (registration or login to your account, catalogue request, newsletter subscription, etc.)

- to provide access to reserved and personal areas on our site, such as your account, based on your login or data you previously provided.

If you deactivate cookies, you may be unable to place orders on our site.

Cookies issued on our site by third parties:

Cookies issued and used by third parties are subject to these third parties' own privacy protection policies. We inform you of the purpose of the cookies of which we are aware and how you can make choices regarding them.

Advertising content (graphics, animation, videos, etc.) posted on our advertising space may contain cookies issued by these third parties: either the advertiser at the origin of the advertising content or a third party to the advertiser (communications consultancy, audience measurement company, targeted advertising provider, etc.), which linked a cookie to the advertiser's content.

These types of cookies may allow third parties to do the following during the validity of these cookies:

- record the number of times the advertising content is displayed via our advertising space

- identify the ads displayed and the number of users clicking on each ad, in order to allow them to calculate how much is owed to them and for statistical purposes

- to recognise your device when you visit any other site or service on which these same advertisers or third parties also issue cookies

- to adapt these third-party sites and services or the advertisements they post to your device's browser.

How do you manage cookies, depending on your browser?

There are a number of ways to manage cookies. Any settings you choose may change the way you browse the internet and how you access certain services requiring cookies.

You may change your cookie settings at any time as described below.

You can configure your browser software in such a way to ensure cookies are saved on your device or to ensure they are rejected, either systematically, or based on their issuer. You can also configure your browser software in such a way that you are asked each time whether to accept or refuse a cookie before it is saved on your device.

Accepting cookies:

The device's user has to agree before cookies can be saved on a device. The user can make or change this choice at any time in the device's browser settings free of charge.

If in your browser settings, you agreed to allow cookies to be saved on your device, cookies embedded in site pages and consulted content may be temporarily stored in a dedicated area on your device. They can only be read by the issuer.

Refusing cookies:

If in your browser settings, you refused to allow cookies to be saved on your device, or delete those already saved, you will no longer be able to use certain features that are necessary to browse certain areas of our site For example, you would be unable to use content or services that require you to identify yourself. We—or our partners—would also be unable to recognize you for technical accounting, such as the type of browser used on your device, your language and display settings or the country in which your device connected to internet.

In this case, we cannot be held liable for any consequences of degraded operation caused by our inability to save or consult the cookies needed for their operation that you refuse or delete.

Each browser manages cookies and your choices differently. See your browser's help menu to learn how to change your cookie settings.

  • For Internet Explorer:

  • For Safari:

  • For Chrome:

  • For Firefox:

  • For Opera:

Please note that this procedure will not prevent advertising from being displayed on your browser. It blocks only the technologies that adapt advertising to your browsing history and to your interests.

Please note that for us to be able to take your wishes into account, we need to use cookies. If you delete all of the cookies saved on your device (via your browser), we—or our partners—will no longer know if you have chosen this option.

If you share your device with other people

If your device is used by more than one person and has more than one browser, we cannot guarantee that the services and advertising for your device will match your personal use and not that of another user.

Therefore, you are responsible for the consequences of sharing your device and your browser's cookie configuration.

Personal data and browser data

We may adapt our offers and advertising based on your device's browsing history on our site or on sites and services published by third parties on which we place cookies.

Once you have provided us your personal data, and your e-mail address in particular, when registering for or accessing one of our services, we may pair your device's browsing history (based on cookies we issue) with your personal data in order to send you electronic marketing messages, or to display personalised ads directed specifically to you and that may be of interest to you personally, on advertising space containing cookies that we issue.

You may ask us at any time to stop receiving advertising or e-mail messages matching your browser history, by contacting us directly and free of charge via the unsubscribe link contained in every e-mail we send. In this case, any advertisements you would continue to receive, if you do not specifically ask us to block them, would no longer match your device's browsing history.