How to take care of your cashmere ?

cashmere pullovers

Maison Bompard's cashmere creations are made of high quality fibers requiring a special attention in order to protect its softness. Cashmere is a noble and delicate material which likes water. This is why a cashmere pullover has to be often washed, after being worn two or three times.

Machine washing is perfect for cashmere pullovers. The most important is to choose the "wool program" or at least a cold water cycle, combined to only a few drops of the cashmere shampoo and to not exceed 500 RPM for the spin cycle. Contrary to one might think, cashmere is not a fan of fabric softeners and is soft in itself.

Hand washing is also a possible alternative, following the machine washing directions, by mixing it for a few minutes, without twisting it.

The cashmere pullover must always be dry flat, away from the sunlight, in order to keep it original shape and colour. If your pullover has some pleats, it can be ironed softly without drawing the fibers.

Cashmere voile accessories and coats

As Maison Bompard's coats, cashmere voile accessories prefers dry-cleaning, at a professional.