Care instructions for
knitted cashmere item

This item is made with a high quality cashmere yarn which was selected with great care. When new, it might release a little cashmere surplus looking pilled. This might happen when for example a coat or bag rubs the pullover.

To avoid that, we recommend a regular washing  – after two or three wears - by hand or in the washing machine - wool programme  - cold water - very little liquid wool detergent - with 2 or 3 garments in the same colour shade. Do not use any fabric conditioner. We recommend to wash your item on reverse if it have buttons, zips or any accessory. Spin (500 revolutions per minute) – do not soak or twist - and dry flat on a towel, sheltered from light. Finally iron on a low heat without pulling or stretching out of shape. Experience shows washing will improve the aspect of the knitting. 

This is how to enjoy all the exceptional qualities of this item.