Ribbed cosy jacket

585,00 € tax incl.

100% Cashmere, 6 Ply, MO1720

This cosy jacket is aptly named: with six-ply 100% cashmere it is perfectly figure-hugging and the ribbing elongates the body.

Color : Clove red
Size : S

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Know-How Eric Bompard

Eric Bompard is a French Maison, expert in cashmere fiber for more than 30 years.
The Maison is well known for its unique know-how and abundant creativity.

Discover the Know-How


Maison Eric Bompard has had a passion for cashmere, an exceptional material, for over 30 years.

Each piece is made from the best ply; the finest, longest, whitest cashmere from the Capra Arbas, a small goat that originates from the high, arid plateaus of the Gobi Desert.

The Maison's Parisian Design Office is involved every year in researching innovative knitting and stitching techniques to offer you a unique, unrivalled variety of models and shades. It pushes the limits of the imagination to invent new, ever-more elegant creations every season.

A rich, soft heritage that the Maison has been proudly sharing since 1985.


CONFIDENCE in textiles

Maison Eric Bompard is committed to supplying cashmere that is environmentally-friendly and that respects people by using 100% natural pigments.

With our carefully selected cashmere fibre that is not harsh on the skin, our colours can be worn proudly and fearlessly.

Since 2015, this fundamental value of respect towards nature and people has been certified by the prestigious independent Oeko-Tex label, which guarantees the absenceof all harmful substances in textiles.


The fisherman's rib stitch is used for knitting thick fabrics, such as sweaters, scarves or ponchos. It is also a perfect rib stitch for knitting a blanket with its soft and smooth look.

Fisherman's rib displays a chunky double rib. The piece is ribbed on the front and back, giving it great elasticity.

Ribbing generally creates texture and substance to the creations of Maison Eric Bompard.

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