Marie Marot
& Eric Bompard

The union between the perfect pullover and the ideal shirt in limited edition. Maison Eric Bompard partner with the shirt designer Marie Marot for an exclusive collection enhancing the fusion between to noble materials : cashmere and cotton.

The result is a wardrobe both sensual and soothing designed in black and white.

100% Cashmere, ref : MO2064

520,00 €

The 100% cashmere V-neck pullover is the result of the collaboration between the designer Marie Marot and Eric Bompard. It is two tone in black on the front and navy blue on the back. A natural version is also available. Embellished with a pocket to add a casual look, it combines perfectly with a fresh white shirt next to the skin for a sensual look.

100% Cotton, ref : CS197

195,00 €

The Vicky V-neck shirt is a collarless V-neck shirt fastened by means of a single gold button followed by four mother-of-pearl buttons. Coming from the Marie Marot-Eric Bompard collection, this will be worn this winter with the ribbed roll-neck pullover from the same collection for a sharp modern look.

100% Cashmere, ref : MO2065

230,00 €

The 100% cashmere body, is the sensual piece from the Marie Marot-Eric Bompard collaboration, which can be slipped under a shirt or a half-open cardigan for extra femininity and warmth. Available in black or natural colour, it has an indented cut, a V-shaped bust and can be adjusted using the straps. It opens at the crotch by means of a metal poppers.

100% Cashmere, ref : MO2066

450,00 €

The ribbed cable stitch crew neck pullover is the fruit of the stylistic encounter between the designer Marie Marot and the Bompard Design Office. A slightly crop cut close to the body for a feminine silhouette when the crew neck is worn on its own and a little more androgynous when worn over a cotton shirt. Three masterful cable stitches developed...

100% Cashmere, ref : MO2067

320,00 €

The Marie Marot-Eric Bompard deep V-neck cardigan is an item that finds its inspiration in men wardrobe with a cardigan for men feel. It has a very deep neckline which is fastened by means of five buttons, the first one being gold, like a jewel in the hollow of the chest. The tubular XXL sleeves are slit at the wrists and the waist discreetly masks two...

100% Cashmere, ref : MO2068

320,00 €

The ribbed roll-neck pullover will be the centrepiece of the winter collection. To be worn like a second skin thanks to its sock cut, its ribs lengthen the silhouette and the elegant roll-neck flatters the appearance. Like Marie Marot, you can wear it under a shirt this winter for an ultra-fashion look.

100% Cotton, ref : CS195

195,00 €

One of the three shirts designed exclusively for the Marie Marot - Eric Bompard collection, the Diana - flounce collar shirt is adorned with a pleated collar running over the shoulders and collar. Its straight cut and single golden button add a subtle touch of fantasy. A design available in white or striped that can be happily worn under the deep V-neck...

100% Cotton, ref : CS196

195,00 €

The penny-pocket classic shirt is THE classic shirt of the Marie Marot-Eric Bompard collection. A straight cut piece, which is uniquely eccentric: it has a single golden button, in the middle of the chest, followed by a series of mother-of-pearl buttons. A piece that can be worn this winter under the ribbed cable stitch crew neck pullover from the same...