Because the holiday season is a festive period, it is essential to find THE outfit that will make you shine, for a cheerful and “strong” attitude. Glitter in abundance, subtle details or perfect cut, discover the selection that suits you.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1847

366,67 $

One of the jewelled pieces from the Autumn-Winter 2017 collection. This 100% cashmere sequinned butterfly V-neck pullover is a striking piece that combines all of Bompard's style and expertise. The butterfly embroidery featuring sequins and glass beads is made and applied by hand. A piece that requires particular care when washing to preserve its...

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1848

316,67 $

This 100% cashmere V-neck pullover features delicate French-made scalloped lace on the shoulders, tops of the sleeves and sides of the pullover. A really feminine Eric Bompard piece to team with the leather leggings from the Autumn-Winter 2017 collection for a glam rock look.

100% Cashmere, 6 Ply, ref : MO1870

400,00 $

The ultimate 100% cashmere fashionable jacket. The Bompard Design Studio has combined a hand-stitched pure wool trim, tone-on-tone press-studs covered with fabric, and an elegant and timeless stranded moss stitch for this tweed jacket.


312,50 $

A new colour invented by the Bompard Design Studio with this 100% cashmere multi-coloured stranded yarn combined with a metallic yarn for a discreet yet elegantly shiny look. This glittery yarn features on the ribbing on the sleeves, neckline and hips. A versatile piece that goes with everything.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1913

262,50 $

Epitome of feminity, incandescent and a little mischievous, This pullover V-neck can be worn depending on your mood, on the chest or on the back. Because sensuality doesn't have any rule…

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1845

300,00 $

A new V-neck pullover combining expertise with elegance. Hand-made embroidery with glass beads stitched on one by one is the only embellishment this piece needs – created by the Bompard Design Studio. Its intricate detail makes it a unique piece.

100% Silk, ref : CS176

204,17 $

Developed and designed by the Bompard Design Studio, the butterflies that adorn this 100% silk shirt feature the winter 2017 colours and add a bold, refreshing feel to any outfit. The buttons on the butterfly shirt have been turned, stamped and varnished by hand in France. For a cool and confidently coordinating look, team the square scarf featuring the...

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO3

229,17 $

An iconic design by Bompard, the classic 100% cashmere crew neck pullover is a must-have in any woman's wardrobe to collect season after season as there is such a wide range of colours. This piece is perfect whatever the season and whatever your mood, to go with any style.

91% CACHEMIRE 9% SOIE, 2 Ply, ref : MO1873

279,17 $

The must-have little black dress for every woman's wardrobe by Bompard. A fitted cut that hugs the figure, short sleeves and silk details around the neckline and sleeves.

70% Cashmere - 30% Silk, 2 Ply, ref : MO1875

404,17 $

The glamorous and ultra feminine piece from the Eric Bompard Autumn-Winter 2017 collection. For this wrap-over pullover, the Design Studio has come up with python-effect lace that is entirely made in France. Fully transparent at the front with a round neckline and a full-fitting style, it has high ribbed edging around the arms for a fashionable effect.

100% Cashmere, 120x120, ref : A371

258,33 $

The 100% cashmere mosaic square scarf is a geometric. graphic and colourful piece created by the Bompard Design Studio. A piece featuring soothing, autumnal colours to go through the season with style and confidence.


333,33 $

Shine like a star! A dress with a loose cut, wide round neckline and glittery plated knit. 100% cashmere inside for maximum comfort and glitter on the outside for an everyday touch of sparkle. The little black dress, reworked by the Eric Bompard Design Studio.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1871

470,83 $

This 100% cashmere hip-length kimono jacket with 7/8 length sleeves is a stylish design for any woman. With sequins along the shoulders, collar and button placket, this kimono has a glamorous look and will bring elegance and taste to any outfit.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1613

233,33 $

A close-fitting V-neck pullover with discreet details for the right amount of elegance and femininity.


204,17 $

The sassy, transparent look of this folk-style shirt is an ode to femininity. Its floral print with an ingenious blend of lamé metallic threads adds a modern touch, while the buttons that have been turned, stamped and varnished by hand in France showcase Bompard's traditional expertise.

100% CUIR, ref : LT02

312,50 $

The leather pencil skirt is another brand new design from Bompard for the winter season. Made from dipped lambskin leather with a mid-height waist and featuring a comfort vent at the back, this is a skirt that combines comfort with elegance.

70% Cashmere - 30% Silk, 2 Ply, ref : MO1879

333,33 $

This little black dress reworked by the Bompard Design Studio. This V-back dress is made from cashmere at the front and 100% silk at the back. It also features a wide silk sash belt to define and accentuate the waist.

100% Cashmere, 150x50, ref : A20S

191,67 $

The essential cashmere voile accessory trimmed with feminine and delicate Swarovski crystals. Go for this Eric Bompard 100% cashmere piece for the maximum in softness, finesse and femininity around your neck. The Bompard Design Studio has come up with new colours for Winter 2017. You'll be spoilt for choice! Don't forget that your cashmere voile and...

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : AK157

75,00 $

These cashmere mittens give you the folk style down to your fingertips.

50% SOIE 50% CACHEMIRE, DETAILS EN FIL SEQUINS, 200x80, ref : A335

225,00 $

As night falls and elegance takes centre stage, cashmere takes on a sensual feel. Everyone loves sequins: Bompard cashmere is generous with its sequins! Glitz and glamour is the order of the day. Sequins are the star of the winter, making their way onto this cashmere voile stole.

100% Cashmere, 120x120, ref : A372

258,33 $

A 100% cashmere square scarf printed with life-size butterflies created by the Bompard Design Studio. This square scarf with an Autumn White background and predominantly Cranberry and Baltic Blue colours is a key piece for brightening up your Autumn-Winter 2017 outfits.