Because cashmere is the essential material for your winter, Eric Bompard selected for you the warmest must-have pieces to spend your holidays in a warm cocoon.

Winter Timeless models
  • 100% Cashmere, 4 Ply, ref : MO1081
    416,66 $ tax excl.

    An essential for those winter weekends: a soft and casual 4-ply cashmere turtleneck pullover.

  • 100% Cashmere, 4 Ply, ref : MO1083
    641,66 $ tax excl.

    Two in one: the two-tone reversible jacket. To be combined with the hat or the double-sided scarf.

  • 100% Cashmere, 12 Ply, ref : MO1186
    641,66 $ tax excl.

    Softness and warmth with this sporty 12-ply cashmere jacket.

  • 100% Cashmere, 4 Ply, ref : MO1373
    466,66 $ tax excl.

    Zipped 4-ply cashmere jacket, ideal for winter weekends.

  • 100% Cashmere, 8 Ply, ref : MO1650
    833,33 $ tax excl.

    A stylish look up your sleeve! That iconic sportswear piece, the bodywarmer, now contains cashmere for a look that's smart as well as casual. One side woven and one side knitted, both in 8-ply cashmere.

  • 50% CACHEMIRE 50% LAINE DOUBLURE POLARTEC, 2 Ply, ref : MO1785
    387,50 $ tax excl.

    This winter, Eric Bompard has pooled its expertise with Polartec, the worldwide leader in high performance fabrics. The softness and warmth of cashmere are combined with the highly technical properties of Polartec fabrics for an exceptional level of comfort throughout the day. This turtleneck pullover is designed to provide maximum thermal protection...

  • 100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO22
    291,66 $ tax excl.

    Half-way between a polo neck and the classic crew neck, this 100% cashmere turtleneck pullover is warm as well as elegant.

  • 100% Cashmere, 4 Ply, ref : MO294
    395,83 $ tax excl.

    A 4-ply cashmere polo neck for men who feel the cold. Wide rib with a sporty chic cut.

  • 100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO610
    341,66 $ tax excl.

    This is evidence of unadorned luxury: ultra-fine cashmere polo neck pullover for "second skin" effect. Ideal for men who feel the chill to wear under a jacket.

  • 100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO8
    316,66 $ tax excl.

    The emblematic 2-ply cashmere polo neck for the classic or relaxed man depending on fashion.

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