An inescapable trend in the men's fashion, the sportswear can be worn for every occasion.

Whether it is a hoodie, a sweatshirt with subtle details or a sleeveless Polartec jacket, the sportswear trend is easy to adopt and elegant. 

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1372

354,17 $

Elegance has no boundaries this season. The turtleneck pullover is a compromise between a hoodie and a high neck pullover. It covers the neck whilst leaving it as open as you please.

70% Wool - 30% Cashmere, 4 Ply, ref : MO1413

225,00 $

This summer piece, in cashmere and cotton, confirms the polo shirt's return to men's wardrobes. Available this season in new summery and masculine shades, fragola pink or notte blue, plus of course the classic navy blue and black.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1609

366,67 $

The 100% cashmere version of the teddy jacket by Maison Bompard. The perfect casual and comfortable yet elegant piece. To wear partially unfastened over a shirt or T-shirt for an understated casual effect.

70% Wool - 30% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1842

225,00 $

A men's lightweight polo shirt pullover reworked with a textured honeycomb design to add fullness to the knit.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1838

333,33 $

This Eric Bompard 100% cashmere zipped turtleneck pullover is a smart casual piece for men.

70% Wool - 30% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1826

225,00 $

This Eric Bompard duffle knitting sweatshirt is trimmed with a slim cord at the collar to make men's outfits even more smart and stylish.

70% Wool - 30% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1827

338,00 $

Am emblematic sportswear piece, this Polartec sleeveless jacket combines the softness of cashmere with the highly technical properties of the Polartec fabric lining. An exceptional level of comfort throughout the day.