leather line

For this Autumn-Winter 2017 collection, the Eric Bompard Design Studio has created beautiful leather pieces to enhance your outfits: a pencil skirt to wear with a crew neck pullover, leggings that look great with a loose-fitting top and a teddy jacket lined in cashmere that's perfect for in-between seasons.

100% CUIR, ref : LT01

416,67 $

The Bompard Design Studio wanted to offer complete outfits this winter. These leather trousers are fashionable and versatile. The elasticated waist, dipped lambskin leather and seaming at the knees make them enormously comfortable with great freedom of movement.

100% CUIR, ref : LT02

312,50 $

The leather pencil skirt is another brand new design from Bompard for the winter season. Made from dipped lambskin leather with a mid-height waist and featuring a comfort vent at the back, this is a skirt that combines comfort with elegance.

100% CUIR 100% CACHEMIRE, 2 Ply, ref : MT076

670,83 $

A classic design for any woman's wardrobe, borrowed from sportswear styling, the leather teddy jacket is reworked with a touch of cashmere. A piece that combines supple leather on the outside with soft cashmere on the inside. For a casual chic look, slip your hands in your pockets and fasten your teddy jacket half way.