Square scarves

This season's Maison Bompard square scarves feature floral prints and geometric shapes with a modern, graphic effect.

Exclusive creations from the Design Studio enhance any woman's silhouette as well as accentuating men's outfits throughout the summer. 

100% Cashmere, 120x120, ref : A389

210,00 $ 262,50 $ -20%

The vintage square scarf from the Spring-Summer 2018 collection by Maison Eric Bompard. Created by the Design Studio, this print takes its inspiration from the Seventies with its flowers in soft and soothing colours.

100% Cashmere, 126x126, ref : A53

206,67 $ 258,33 $ -20%

A true classic from Maison Eric Bompard, the 100% cashmere three-tone desert scarf combines notte blue, and autumn white with a dash of golden yellow this season. A unisex piece that brightens up all your summer outfits with a dressy look.

70% Silk - 30% Cashmere, 120x120, ref : A388

176,67 $ 220,83 $ -20%

A square scarf with a very springtime feel, featuring a fragola pink coriander leaf print on an autumn white background. A square scarf that is masculine as well as feminine to brighten up any outfit for the warmer weather. If you like this print, you can also find it on a summer T-shirt.

100% Cashmere, 120x120, ref : A390

210,00 $ 262,50 $ -20%

A square scarf with graphic lines that creates the impression of gazing at the sky from the foot of a skyscraper. Created by the Maison Bompard Design Studio the print on this 100% cashmere square scarf was designed for Men as well as Women.

100% Cashmere, 120x120, ref : A392

210,00 $ 262,50 $ -20%

Imagine a north African landscape; the oasis square scarf whisks you away to the desert with its flowing lines and palm trees. A 100% cashmere square scarf in the same design as the 100% silk mid-length dress, to wear together for a colourful and graphic look.

100% Cashmere, 120x120, ref : A391

210,00 $ 262,50 $ -20%

Can you unlock the secret of this intriguing square scarf? A print in a futuristic, graphic design that features the emblematic colours of the Spring-Summer 2018 season: robin red and planisphere blue for a vibrant touch, and glade green and golden yellow for softness. The perfect balance to wear again and again.

100% Cashmere, 120x120, ref : A378

210,00 $ 262,50 $ -20%

In an elegant combination of cashmere and silk, the filaos stole adds soft and soothing shades to your springtime outfits: notte blue, Jupiter beige and Poseidon blue.

70% Silk - 30% Cashmere, 120x120, ref : A353

170,40 $ 213,00 $ -20%

This 100% cashmere Eric Bompard summer square scarf features the symbolic 'paisley' print in fresh, summery colours for a light and delicate feel.