crew neck pullovers, polos

The crew neck pullover and the sweatshirts are men's wardrobe key pieces.

Easy to adopt and to match, these pieces are declined in classic or fitted version and have modern and elegant details to always give more style to your outfits.

50% Cashmere - 50% wool, 2 Ply, ref : MO1887

416,67 $

The sweatshirt is a sportswear piece by definition, but this winter Eric Bompard offers it in a more fashionable version! The Bompard Design Studio has created a stitched jacquard style to produce the tiny floral motifs on this ultra trendy piece, that will add a stylish touch to any outfit.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1888

333,33 $

A smart and quirky sportswear piece, this Eric Bompard 100% cashmere fox sweatshirt is a versatile piece with a little twist, with delicate and discreet embroidery at the bust to brighten up any look.

50% Cashmere - 50% wool, 2 Ply, ref : MO1788

270,83 $

Draw the line! Stripes take centre stage; diagonal on this 2-ply cashmere and wool sweatshirt. A very trendy feature.

50% Cashmere - 50% wool, 2 Ply, ref : MO1892

279,17 $

A new men's piece from the Autumn-Winter 2017 collection, this Eric Bompard colour block crew neck pullover is a graphic design that is nevertheless versatile and easy to mix and match. Note the fancy knit on the upper section and the smart change of colours.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO10

291,67 $

The Maison Bompard's crew neck pullover marries simplicity with beauty and quality. This 100% two-ply cashmere crew neck pullover with wide ribbed edging is an invaluable everyday companion. It suits every season and every occasion thanks to its natural fabric with its exquisite feel and unparalleled comfort. It almost becomes a second skin for the man...

50% Cashmere - 50% wool, 2 Ply, ref : MO1890

291,67 $

The knitted sweatshirt crew neck pullover is a smart sportswear piece for a men's Autumn-Winter 2017 wardrobe. Perfected by the Eric Bompard Style Office, duffle knitting has a smooth appearance on the top and a 'bouclé' look underneath. This pairing of textures gives the knit a soft appearance.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1777

262,50 $

The crew neck pullover makes a big comeback this winter. Check out the timeless 2-ply 100% cashmere crew neck pullover from Eric Bompard: a close-fitting cut and fully fashioned sleeves for smart city styling.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO609

304,17 $

This light and soft T-shirt pullover in extra fine cashmere has a 'second skin' effect. Can be worn in winter and in summer.

50% Cashmere - 50% wool, 4 Ply, ref : MO1790

291,67 $

This ribbed crew neck pullover boasts premium materials and a high level of expertise, with a suede inset on the shoulders. A sophisticated touch added to this basic winter must-have, in 4-ply cashmere and wool.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO378

383,33 $

This Eric Bompard's 100% cashmere sweatshirt adds a discreet touch of originality with its contrasting buttoned turtleneck collar. To be combined with the double-sided scarf.

100% Cashmere, 4 Ply, ref : MO1781

408,33 $

Shiny cashmere! This 100% cashmere pullover with a deep V-neck features an all-over deluge of metal sequins. Ideal worn with leather trousers.

100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1783

316,67 $

Sailors were the source of inspiration for this Breton pullover made from ultra fine 100% cashmere knit. The timeless Breton pullover available in a two-tone design this winter for a rock look.