The crew neck pullover and the sweatshirts are men's wardrobe key pieces. Easy to adopt and to match, these pieces are declined in classic or fitted version and have modern and elegant details to always give more style to your outfits.

Crew neck pullovers, Sweatshirts
  • 100% Cashmere, 4 Ply, ref : MO1841
    375,00 $ tax excl.

    The classic 100% cashmere 4-ply crew neck pullover for men by Eric Bompard, reworked in smart and graphic knit with the addition of a zip on the shoulder to bring a contemporary and fashionable feel to men's outfits.

  • 70% Wool - 30% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO1826
    225,00 $ tax excl.

    This Eric Bompard duffle knitting sweatshirt from the Spring-Summer 2017 men's collection is trimmed with a slim cord at the collar to make men's outfits even more smart and stylish.

  • 100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, 0, ref : MO10
    292,00 $ tax excl.

    The iconic 100% cachmere crew neck pull over by the Maison Bompard. New summer colours!

  • 100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, 0, ref : MO1777
    263,00 $ tax excl.

    The crew neck pullover makes a big comeback this season. Check out the new, timeless 2-ply 100% cashmere crew neck pullover from Maison Eric Bompard: a close-fitting cut and fully fashioned sleeves.

  • 100% Cashmere, 2 Ply, ref : MO609
    304,00 $ tax excl.

    Second skin' effect, light and soft T-shirt in extra fine cashmere; wear next to the skin.

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